Wetpaint is here to set the record straight on matters related to your favorite stars — from Mad Men's origins to Brooklyn Beckham's nationality.

You ask, we answer!

Are David Beckham's Kids American?

The only Beckham child born in the US is their only daughter, Harper Beckham!

While Victoria and David Beckham's first child, Brooklyn, may be named after an American locale, that's just where Posh found out she was pregnant. Brooklyn and little brother Romeo were both born in the UK.

The littlest Beckham son, Cruz, was born in Madrid, Spain!

Since the whole family moved to Los Angeles, though, all the kids have reportedly been picking up American accents, so we could see where someone would get confused.

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Was Mad Men Based on a Book?

Mad Men was not based on a book! It's all from the brain (and research files, we suppose) of showrunner Matthew Weiner.

Matthew not only wrote the pilot of the series, but he co-writes every single episode, in addition to being the executive producer.

It's no wonder he's so involved; the show is his baby! He actually wrote the pilot in the early 2000s while a writer for The Sopranos. He shopped the idea around for years, and after being rejected by both HBO and Showtime, AMC picked his pet project up in 2007, paving the way for some of their other amazing original programming! (The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad come to mind.)

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