After her amazing court-bound outfit yesterday, Amanda Bynes has gone back to basics for a trip to the pet store with her adorable little puppy sidekick.

Credit: Dave Spencer/Splash News Photo: Amanda Bynes and Puppy, July 10, 2013

Sporting the same blond wig she usually wears — albeit, slightly neater this time than during her arraignment — she was greeted by a swarm of paparazzi leaving the store.

The puppy bravely guarded Queen Amanda’s face from the paps, because you know what always looks great in a picture? A puppy.

Some photographers reported that Amanda accidentally let the shop’s door hit the dog, but the little buddy appears to be fine — and it’s an honest mistake even when your face doesn’t have a million flashes going off in it.

Credit: Splash News

Do you like Amanda’s wig today? Or are you all about the aqua?