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We've already told you that Jeremy, Elissa, and Helen were nominated for eviction this week — with Jeremy being BBMVP Elissa's nomination. We also filled you in on the Power of Veto results, with meat-head Jeremy taking home the gold. But did he use it?

Of course he did. It's never safe to be on the block — even Jeremy knows that. So after he used the PoV, what happened next? Since Jeremy was Elissa's nominee as BBMVP, she had the pleasure of nominating another fellow houseguest as a replacement nominee. And the lucky dog was...

Nick! This could actually be Elissa's downfall, because she doesn't know about Nick's attachments with the Moving Company or with the Blonde-Tourage, which should bring him in the votes he needs to stay. Unfortunately for Elissa, there just isn't anyone else standing out as a target except for Jeremy and Aaryn, and they have ruled this week. 

Being up against your best friend in the house must suck, but if we want to see Elissa advance, it's most likely going to have to be Helen leaving, unless something happens and Nick can't actually trust his alliances. He is beginning to get a reputation in the house of being pretty sneaky and strange, so there's always a chance.

If we get Elissa out of the house this week, both of these things will happen: (1) Aaryn will be super annoying and thrilled that she got rid of Rachel's sister, and (2) she'll also be annoying saying that it was all for David, that she was avenging him. Gag me with a spoon on both accounts.

This will definitely be an interesting rest of the week. Tune in tonight, Wednesday, to see Jeremy win the PoV and Thursday, tomorrow, to see who leaves the house and who is crowned the next Head of Household.

Who do you think will go this week? Sound off in the comments.

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