It's OK to distract drivers with Jennifer Love Hewitt's Client List boobs, but not the backsides of naked people sitting at the feet of Heidi "Marie Antoinette" Klum?

Credit: E! News

According to E! News, a version of the poster at left was going to be used as a billboard in Los Angeles to promote Project Runway Season 12, which starts July 18 on Lifetime. However, the billboard was reportedly banned due to the naked ladies and gentlemen at the feet of Queen Heidi and (King? Prince? Duke? Butler?) Tim Gunn.

Banning something often just makes it more interesting, but how do “they” decide what to and not to allow? As E! noted, this racy Vanity Fair cover was a billboard. Talk about distracting to drivers...

Do you think it's fair to ban this PR ad? Check out a horizontal version here. It looks like something closer to what America's Next Top Model might use for a poster — seriously, what does this have to do with fashion designers? — but that doesn't seem like a good enough reason to ban it.

Source: E! News