Credit: Rachel McRady/Wetpaint Entertainment

After a Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Beyonce took her time to remember the slain teen over the weekend.

Us Weekly reports that during a show in Nashville, following the announcement of the jury's decision on July 13, Beyonce told the audience, "I'd like to have a moment of silence for Trayvon," as the lights went down in the theater.

Beyonce then sang the chorus from "I Will Always Love You" and then her own hit, "Halo" in memory of Trayvon. 

Trayvon's death sparked outrage across the nation after he was followed and shot by Zimmerman after an altercation, despite police warnings to Zimmerman not to trail or approach the teen, who was returning from a store after purchasing candy.

Countless other celebrities have voiced their support for Trayvon and his family, including Jamie Foxx, who wrote on Sunday, "I want to wrap my arms around Trayvon's parents and family during this emotional time. Trayvon will LIVE in our hearts forever. We will make sure that he did not die in vain." 

Source: Us Weekly