Credit: Tumblr

Will we always remember where in the world we were when we heard this happy news?

PBS has announced via Tumblr that there is some "awesome" news coming about beloved kids' series Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?.

"Where in the world did this come from?" PBS captions the photo of Carmen's iconic red hat and black gloves. "Stay tuned for something awesome!"

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? was a kids' game show that aired on PBS from 1991-1996. So is the network trying to tell us that new episodes are on the way?

Alas, that doesn't appear to be the case, as the network has posted an update to avoid dashing anyone's hopes.

"Update!!! We have one clue for you — this is not about new episodes, but will be appreciated by any '90s kid. Stay tuned!" PBS writes.

Hmm. So it appears that this may have something to do with Carmen's whereabouts. But what exactly will we find out? The suspense is killing us!

Suddenly, we wish Rockapella were here to calm our nerves with a few tunes.

Source: Tumblr