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Rejoice, Suits fans! The Season 3 premiere of USA's breakout hit is upon us, and Wetpaint Entertainment has got you covered with five juicy spoilers you need to know about the shocking new season. The British have invaded Pearson Darby, and obviously, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) isn't happy about it. And with his friendship with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) on the rocks, Harvey must strategize his next move, even if it means ruining his relationship with Jessica (Gina Torres). 

Mike Ross grows up. "In order to survive and keep people's interest, the show needs to grow and evolve, and I think that the character of Mike needs to grow up every season a little bit more," Patrick J. Adams told Wetpaint Entertainment on the set of Suits in Toronto. "We're always talking about how we keep elements of the young Mike, who's spilling files all over the place and doesn't have his act together... How do we keep the fun element of that but at the same time sort of grow him up and not have him be such a puppy every single year?... With the conflict between [Mike and Harvey], Mike is trying to resolve the conflict in a more mature way, where as he might of been begging and pleading like a little girl last year or the year before.  This year he's kind of holding his ground, and saying he's sorry but also trying to explain himself and where he's coming from, and we'll get back to I think what it was before." 

Winter is coming to Pearson Darby. Game of Thrones' scene-stealer Michelle Fairley has a pretty significant role on Season 3, so what was it like having Lady Cat on set? "It was incredible because she's such a lovely woman with such an amazing sense of humor, so I think it was a really good fit for her," said Patrick. "Game of Thrones is a lot of fun, but it's not known for its sense of humor and play. So it was fun to get her on set and start getting to laugh with her a little bit.  She just loves to hang out! The other night she met two people in Yorkville and went back to their apartment for dinner and met their family! She just becomes best friends with everyone she meets.

Harvey and Donna shippers, there's a Season 3 flashback episode you won't want to miss. "Harvey doesn't sleep with anybody he works with, and we're gonna learn why," teased Gabriel Macht. And yes, the origins of the can opener will all be revealed. Gabriel added: "I'll tell you this, when we did the first read through, all of us, our eyes popped out, and we were like, 'Whoa, what is... what did we do in that?'"

A British Harvey comes to town. [Donna] has her hands full, as a result of that, because there's a British Harvey that comes to town, so that makes her life busy," dished Sarah Rafferty. "So just like Jessica Pearson has her closer, Harvey Specter, Darby, has Stephen Huntley, his closer, and he really is in town because Darby's going to be away, so he's really his eyes and ears on the ground. He gets incredibly involved in what's going on at the firm. I know on a personal and a professional level he's involved.

Mike and Louis get closer. "In Episode 2, Louis Litt needs an associate, and he asks for Mike's hand," Gabriel explained. "And so there is actually a courtship... They go mudding together, and he takes him out to lunch. They start this relationship, and it's really sweet." 

Catch the Season 3 premiere of Suits on Tuesday, July 16 at 10 p.m. EST on USA.