Credit: Twitter

Who's hungry?

Amanda Bynes reportedly racked up an astronomical hotel bill this week at the NYC Ritz-Carlton  including a ton of room service charges  before getting kicked out of the hotel for allegedly smoking pot and being rude to the staff, according to TMZ.

TMZ has reportedly obtained Amanda's hotel bill, which reveals that the former TV star racked up almost $9,000 in total hotel charges.

The most eye-popping part of the bill is the room service fees, which totaled $2,389. Let that sink in for a moment. Amanda placed forty (!) different room service orders, with each order averaged about $60-70 apiece. That's a lot of late-night cravings.

Amanda, meanwhile, is denying that she smoked weed at the hotel and says she left of her own volition. 

Now if you'll excuse of, we're going to go grab a meal. Or forty.

Source: TMZ