Credit: St Clair/Splash News Photo: Amanda Bynes Heads to Court, July 9, 2013

Amanda Bynes's unofficial "ugly" tour made a stop this week at the Ritz-Carlton in New York City. Why they even let her through the door is a mystery.

TMZ has a new story claiming Amanda was kicked out of the Ritz on Thursday after she supposedly smoked weed in her hotel room — despite warnings not to do so— and was rude to the hotel staff. In classic Amanda form, she reportedly told the front desk girl she was "too ugly" to check Amanda in, and Amanda then offered her plastic surgeon's services to fix whatever was wrong with the girl. According to TMZ, the front desk staffer started crying. (Never let Amanda get in your head, girl!)

The story doesn't say how long Amanda was at the Ritz, but she was reportedly scheduled to check out Thursday at noon; TMZ says she was booted several hours beforehand when the staff had apparently had enough. Amanda was later seen getting into a cab to head to the airport for a flight to L.A. (A new coast of people to call ugly!)

For her part, Amanda told TMZ she left the hotel voluntarily and does not smoke weed. But did she call the girl ugly and make her cry? If so, we need her name so we can add her to the list of the insulted.

Source: TMZ