Credit: Olivia Harris - WPA Pool/Getty Images Photo: When is Pregnant Kate Middleton Due?

We're going crazy waiting for Kate Middleton to deliver her royal baby at any moment, but the Duchess of Cambridge has been ordered to do just the opposite.

The royal doctor has reportedly ordered Kate to stay indoors and avoid the sun during the heat wave currently sweeping over London. With temperatures almost at 90 degrees, it's important that Kate stay cool and calm. I mean she is pregnant with the future King/Queen of England!

"They are taking very careful steps to make sure Kate and the baby are okay in the heatwave," an insider told Daily Star. "She is suffering in the heat and finds it exhausting. They don't want anything affecting her or the unborn heir."

Extreme heat can't be good for the expecting mother, making her tired, dehydrated, and increasing her chances of swollen feet and hands.

We're already behind schedule with the royal baby, especially since she was due on July 19

Keep calm and carry on, Kate!

Source: E! News

Credit: Hollyscoop via AOL On Photo: Inside Kate Middleton's Final Days of Pregnancy!