We don't know about actual halos, but a fan at Beyonce's Montreal concert last night, July 22, could see the her halo of hair — and held onto it for at least a minute!

But we're not talking about a crazed concertgoer her — we're referring to an actual fan. Queen Bey got a little too close to the appliance and became trapped when her hair became tangled in the blades.

Incredibly, the 31-year-old kept singing "Halo" as security guards rushed to free her.

As TMZ reports, it finally took a pair of scissors to release the Bey-hive.

You can see dramatic footage from the close-call in the TMZ video below!

The pop superstar laughed about the incident later, though, posting a handwritten note to Instagram in which she adapts the "Halo" lyrics to the situation: "Gravity can't begin / To pull me out of the fan again. / I felt my hair was yankin' / From the fan that's always hatin'."

And that's why she's the Queen, folks. Bow down!

Source: TMZ

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