Credit: @MileyCyrus Photo: Miley Cyrus buys lots of Chanel

It’s always fun to listen to Miley Cyrus interviews. She has that deep, raspy voice and she talks a mile a minute, saying whatever pops into her head.

Miley recently had a 7 minute video interview with Harper’s Bazaar’s executive editor Laura Brown, talking about her great love of fashion. (Hence the new Chanel photo, above, which Miley captioned with "The damage is done ❤ @CHANEL")

Laura broke out Miley’s last cover of Harper's Bazaar (shown below) with Miley’s long hair. "That’s my simple life, yet I have 350 extensions in my hair,” Miley said. Laura was surprised to hear that Miley’s hair wasn’t real. “It wasn’t real," Miley said. "None of it was ever real. That was not growing out of my head.” 

More recently, Miley has added grills to her style repertoire. She actually brought them to the interview in little retainer boxes. She has three, and showed off her "cheap one" and her "chill grill."

She was asked whose style she likes, and she immediately answered, “I've been obsessed with the Olsen twins since I was 5. I've seen every movie; literally you could ask me any movie, I've seen all of them. And they actually did a school of fashion when they were 10 or 11." Ha! Can you picture her watching, like, Passport to Paris — while wearing her grills?

Referencing Miley’s new song, “We Can’t Stop,” Laura asked what can she stop and what won't she stop? "I should probably stop eating the way I've been eating the past few weeks, 'cause usually I'm real healthy,” Miley admitted. “I'm gluten-free, usually. I'm usually on my Pilates. Recently I've had this craving. I don't even really eat meat and I've been wanting to eat Philly cheese steaks."

She definitely doesn’t look like she’s been eating too much, but good for her for trying to stay healthy. Apparently she also can’t stop watching Olsen twins movies, so Mary-Kate and Ashley should keep that in mind. At least one fan still wants more!

Watch Miley’s full interview here.

Source: Styleite