Credit: Tara Costa on Twitter Photo: Tara Costa Poses After a Bike Ride and Swim

Earlier this month, Biggest Loser alum Tara Costa was slapped with a lawsuit by a fitness company that had hired her as a spokesperson, alleging she had gained too much weight back to fulfill her duties. A few weeks later, Tara has struck back with a countersuit, defending her weight and current level of fitness. She would know best!

In Tara's countersuit, Tara says that she maintained her "current level of conditioning" and did not gain "45-50 pounds." She also alleges that the company continued to use her likeness outside the contract period, entitling her to $54,000. Tara also seeks $2,500 each for her 15 guaranteed public appearances, per her contract.

Credit: HuffPost Live via AOL On Photo: Tara Costa, Biggest Loser Contestant, Sued Over Alleged Weight Gain

Unless Tara Costa has made some dramatic changes — which, from the looks of her Twitter photos, she hasn't — it appears that inspirational is exactly what she accomplished after her time on The Biggest Loser, where she lost a whopping 155 pounds. She did gain back 22 pounds at some point post-Loser, but a 133-pound loss? Still mind-blowingly impressive. What do you think?

Source: TheWrap