Credit: Deadline/Disney Photo: Disney Channel's Shake It Up

Shake It Up is dancing off the Disney Channel after Season 3 wraps up.

The comedy series starring Zendaya, 16, (Rocky Blue) and Bella Thorne, 15, (CeCe Jones) will end after 78 episodes, with the finale date not yet announced.

Shake It Up wasn't exactly hurting in the ratings; according to Deadline, it's still the #1 TV series for kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14. But the Disney Channel is shaking up its own lineup, including new series like Girl Meets World (the highly anticipated Boy Meets World sequel/spinoff) and I Didn't Do It. Good Luck Charlie is also ending its Disney run after 100 episodes.

Zendaya, who was runner-up on this past spring’s Dancing With the Stars Season 16, will stay with the Disney Channel for an original movie based on the novel Boys Are Dogs.

Are you (or your kids) upset that Shake It Up was canceled, or do you think it’s a good call to end it now?

Sources: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter