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Tyga may be a Young Money rapper, but it looks like he may be young and broke in not too long, if two litigious hotties get their day in court.

According to TMZ, dancers Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies, who appear in Tyga's "Make it Nasty" video, are suing the rapper for allegedly violating their contracts.

Elizabeth and Azia claim that they signed contracts with strict no nudity clauses, but shots of their bare breasts ended up in the video anyway.

The two dancers originally filed the suit against Tyga last year after the nudity-filled video made its way onto the internet, but they've only recently decided on a number that will alleviate their pain and suffering: $10 million a piece (per girl, not per boob).

While it's definitely uncool if Tyga put up the NSFW footage without their consent, we do have to ask: if their contracts specified no nudity, who told everybody to get naked? 

Let's just hope they can get the situation worked out without anyone having to lose their shirt.   

Source: TMZ

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