Move over Horse Whisperer, it’s time for the … Pigeon Puncher?

When Supernatural Season 9 starts October 8 (they moved it up!) on The CW, some funky stuff is gonna go down.

Entertainment Weekly shared some new spoilers, including that it will take at least the first three episodes to return to a case-of-the-week format; “then they’ll be dealing with the fallout of thousands of angels falling from the sky.”

When the cases-of-the-week return, one will involve Dean (Jensen Ackles) talking to animals. Executive producer Robert Singer has dubbed him “Doctor Dean-little.” Executive producer Jeremy Carver added, “One of the highlights being Dean getting into a brawl with a pigeon. It’s a logical progression from fairies to pigeons.” Just say no to bird violence, man! Still, that’ll be one to watch.

Carver also told EW they’ll be “delving a lot more into” the Men of Letters, “and in fact we’ll be seeing the very first two hunters to ever be stationed at the Men of Letters bunker. That’s a really, really fun episode we have coming up early in the season where we will be flashing back to 1935.”

It was previously spoiled that Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) will spend a good amount of time dealing with the big secret Dean is keeping from Sam. There's also a Supernatural spinoff in the works, with a new character being added late in the season to anchor the new show.

What are you most excited to see?

Source: Entertainment Weekly