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While Joe and Nick Jonas spent the past week sharing wild photos of themselves, their older brother Kevin was focused on pics of the youngest Jonas — his first child.

Kevin, 25, and wife Danielle announced in early July that they are expecting their first baby. Kevin said he was "overjoyed," adding that this has been "the most exciting thing in my life so far."

Credit: Instagram Photo: Kevin Jonas baby sonogram

On August 6, Kevin’s E! reality show co-star shared this sonogram. "I can't believe this is ours @kevinjonas and I are so blessed," Danielle wrote with the Instagram image. "Look at that cute nose !!!"

He or she does have a cute nose! Late last month, Kevin told Us Weekly he and Danielle “definitely” want to know the baby’s gender beforehand. No surprises for them — other than the usual first-time baby surprises. "The first trimester is always an interesting one," Kevin told Us Weekly, adding of Danielle, "She’s been feeling up and down a lot. But she’s doing a lot better now. We’re in good spirits. We’re excited."  

Good luck to them! Do you think the baby will be a boy or a girl? You have a 50/50 chance of being right.

Source: InstagramUs Weekly