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Beyonce? Is that you?

The ever-changing star showed off a drastically different look on Wednesday night, revealing a newly cropped blonde 'do on Instagram, much to the surprise of her legion of fans and followers across the world. 

In a series of photos, Beyonce showed off different angles of the gamine cut, which she paired with natural makeup and a heavy brow for a soft mod look.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Beyonce Haircut Front

While some fans were skeptical that Queen Bey would make such a startling choice after spending years working with such luscious long locks, we've seen her do pretty much all she can with two feet of hair, and any good diva knows you can't set new trends if you don't switch things up once in a while.It remains to be seen if Beyonce and her team of hair wizards are pulling a fast one on us with this Rosemary's Baby 'do, but it looks like she's going au natural — roots and all.

Credit: Instagram

Beyonce has remained mum about whether the new look is real — or permanent — but we can't imagine there won't be at least a hundred copy cuts making their way to Instagram within the hour.

And hey, if we had to dance on stage in spandex every night in August, we'd probably go for the full head shave.

What do you think of Beyonce's new look?

Source: Instagram