Anyone watching last night's mid-season premiere of Breaking Bad could tell you one of two things about Walter White's net worth: 1. He's a drug kingpin millionaire with so much cash that he'll need an additional car wash to launder it all through, or 2. All he has is a beat up car, a repossessed house, and the clothes on his back.

Luckily for Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter, his finances are a little more clear-cut. 

The 57-year-old actor, who cut his teeth on shows like Seinfeld and Malcolm in the Middle, now earns a cool $125 thousand per episode as the Southwest's blue meth kingpin.

Between his handsome salary for Breaking Bad, which draws to a close at the end of this season, his consistent voice work on shows like Robot Chicken, The Cleveland Show, and Batman: Year One, and his parts in blockbusters like Rock of Ages and Argo, Bryan's been able put plenty of his hard-earned cash away — bringing his net worth to an impressive $125 million. 

Not too shabby for a high school science teacher, huh?