Dexter is more than halfway through its final season, and as the show makes its way toward the series finale, characters old and new are coming out of the woodwork. While most of Season 8 has been spent introducing new people — the elusive Dr. Vogel, Dexter’s potential protege Zach, now-murdered neighbor Cassie, and Masuka’s topless bar teen daughter, Nikki — there are a few familiar faces that popped up, too. At the top of the list? Hannah McKay, who made a dramatic entrance by poisoning Dexter and Deb.

The most surprising part about Hannah’s return wasn’t that she drugged the Morgan siblings — that’s her bread and butter — but rather that she didn’t do it to necessarily harm or kill them. Instead, she wanted to use Dexter to kill her possessive and abusive  husband, but changed her mind at the last second and dumped him at the side of the road on the other side of town. However, Dex found her, confronted his ex, and then proceeded to help her bag and dump her husband after she stabbed him. Quality bonding time aboard the Slice of Life? Check.

Now that their rekindled relationship is more or less friendly — albeit riddled with sexual tension and pent-up feelings — we’re questioning what’s next. They both have everything out on the table (literally) about their Dark Passengers and at this point, it would be too easy for Dex to just turn her in. (Been there, done that!) So, the question is, will they try to work things out with their complicated relationship, or will they try to kill each other? They’ve tried it before, but it ended in them getting physical instead, and given the events of the past season and a half, it could go either way.

Hannah used to kill people silently with poison, but now that she’s wielded a knife (and her blood-soaked dress hints that it was a dozen stabs, not just one) and had some time away from Miami to plan her attack, she could go after Deb, Dexter, and maybe even more of their friends and family. On the flip side, Dexter could decide enough is enough and take her to the Kill Room — and actually follow through this time. There’s also a chance of his protege Zach stepping in now that he’s familiar with her identity and possibly murdered Dexter’s neighbor-crush Cassie, but the most probable conclusion is Dexter killing Hannah, Hannah killing Dexter, or some form of double homicide. They’re both cunning, smart, and tried-and-true killers, so either it’s Bonnie and Clyde or time for someone to meet their demise.

Do you think Dexter will kill Hannah, or will she go after him first? Sound off below!

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