Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger Photo: Lake Bell and Scott Campbell in New York City in May 2013

New York Magazine's latest issue is all about fall fashion, but Lake Bell isn't wearing a thread of clothing on its cover — just a massive tattoo of a rose extending from her thigh to her shoulder.

Luckily for the 34-year-old, she has a hand over her you-know-what — and the "S" and dot of the "I" in the word "Fashion" over her nipples. Crafty!

If you read the contents of the issue, though, her nudity makes sense: One article is entitled "How Tattoos Became Clothing."

The text also reveals that Lake collaborated with her new hubby, artist and tattooist Scott Campbell, on the design. (What's not clear however is whether the ink is permanent!)

On the small screen, Lake has been a series regular in The Practice, Boston Legal, Surface, How to Make It in America, and — most recently — CHildren's Hospital.

And on the silver screen, she has starred in What Happens in Vegas, It's Complicated, No Strings Attached, and Black Rock.

The covergirl is also the writer, director, and star of in In A World...., a comedy currently in theaters about a father-daughter voiceover team.

Here's a potential intro: In a world where tattoos pass as clothing...

Source: New York Magazine

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