Congratulations — or maybe eyerolls, headshakes, and deep condolences — are in order for Big Brother 15’s Amanda and McCrae. Late last night (August 13), they got “married” in the house.

The season’s longest-lasting showmance is still going strong, despite their near-constant insults to each other. So it makes sense that, like Rachel and Brendon’s Brenchel wedding before them, McCranda decided to stage a tacky-cute Big Brother wedding.

Credit: @BB_Updates Photo: Big Brother 15's Amanda and McCrae get married

The wedding played out on the live feeds, and you can read/see recaps at @BigBrotherLeak and @BB_Updates. CBS will probably air at least part of the wedding this week. Spencer was the ringbearer and Andy officiated, with the ladies as bridesmaids. (See a couple of photos below.)

Before the big event, McCrae told Andy and Spencer, "I don't even want to do this wedding sh-t!" In his vows, McCrae gave shoutouts to his friends back home and plugged his podcast. Amanda told him to “f-ck off.” Lovely wedding already!

Amanda threw her bouquet and removed her garter belt; Elissa (who is already married, and sister to the Rachel of the previous wedding) caught the bouquet and Andy got the garter.

Afterward, the houseguests had food and Amanda complained to McCrae, "How are we going to consummate our marriage if you smell like an onion patch?" Ah, young love. They did manage to consummate the marriage, but they also discussed dumping each other for Elissa when it comes to the final two, since Elissa has shown she can’t win anything.

Anyway, congrats to the insufferable happy couple!

Sources: @BigBrotherLeak@BB_Updates

Credit: @BB_Updates Photo: Big Brother 15 wedding ringbearer Spencer

Credit: @BB_Updates Photo: Big Brother 15 bridesmaids Bridesmaids Jessie, GinaMarie, Aaryn