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Miley Cyrus may have claimed to every media outlet that would listen that her platinum pixie cut had liberated her, showed her who she really was, and went really well with everything in the American Apparel catalog, but the singer is ready for it to be over already.

Miley had originally said of the close-cropped cut, “Love my hair… [I] feel so happy, pretty, and free,” although she’s now singing a different tune.

In an interview with Kelly Osbourne for E!’s Fashion Police, Miley revealed that being the twerkalicious Twiggy is a highly overrated role. “I’m secretly tugging on it every night and taking [hair growth vitamin supplement] Viviscal, I’m not going to lie. But I’m going to rock it while I have it.”

If all of her tugging and finger-crossing doesn’t work out, Miley has a few tricks up her sleeve to get her long locks back in no time. “I love a good weave,” she admitted. “I can’t help it, I love a good piece. But I don’t have anything to clip [it to].”

While Miley’s haircut certainly gained her the attention every former Disney star craves, things have taken a turn for the worse since the cut, between Liam’s cab ride home with January Jones, her parents’ almost divorce, and that time she thought she was going to a white party and ended up at that terrifying house with all the giant stuffed animals and gluten-filled foods.

We’re not trying to imply that her hair is a talisman that wards off that kind of evil, but facts are facts, people.

Sources: People, Twitter

Credit: Celebified Photo: Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth "acted Like Total Strangers" At The Red Carpet Premiere Of Paranoia