Credit: @Hayden_Moss Photo: Big Brother's Hayden Moss with Survivor's Chelsea Meissner, left, and Kat Edorsson

You just might want to expect the unexpected on Survivor Season 27, aka Blood Vs. Water.

The theme of the new season, which starts Wednesday September 18 on CBS, has returning players competing alongside family members or significant others. For example, Survivor: Pearl Islands/All-Stars/Heroes Vs. Villains alum Rupert is returning with his wife, Laura. And, as Entertainment Weekly confirmed in an August 20 story, it means Survivor: One World's Kat Edorsson is joining the cast with her boyfriend, who happens to be Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss. 

This will make Hayden the first Big Brother/Survivor crossover, which is kind of amazing since BB is now airing its 15th season and we're up to 27 for Survivor. They've had so many Amazing Race crossovers on CBS, using players from both shows, but no one from Survivor has ever gone on BB, or vice versa, until now.

You can check out a little video of Hayden and Kat talking to EW's Dalton Ross on location. They are back from filming now, but the video is from before the game started. Kat seemed more confident about Hayden's chances than Hayden; he figured he'd be a target but Kat guessed his tribe would see him as a "beast" and want to keep him around. But Hayden probably lost some boyfriend points when he pointed out that Kat tends to talk too much and she'd need to work on that. Dude, this is HER show, don't give her advice! Then again...

SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop reading if you don't want to read spoilers out there on Blood vs. Water.

According to longtime spoiler @TheGameSurvivor, Hayden does very well this season. It sounds like he surpasses Kat, who is eliminated fairly early in the season. (But the spoilers say Rupert leaves even earlier.) However, Hayden supposedly does not win. He is apparently a late jury member. So maybe Survivor is a lot harder to win than BB? We'll see...

Update: Check out the full cast, and more spoilers, right over here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly