Is Justin Bieber standing under Rihanna's umbrella-ella-ella?

Rumors of a romance between Justin and RiRi are flaring up again, as the Daily News is reporting that the two were spotted partying together on August 17 in Miami.

The Biebs was apparently by himself at a South Beach nightclub  poor Biebs!  when Rihanna spotted him and asked him to come over and have fun with her and her friends. Wait  why is it that whenever we go out, we never run into Rihanna and Justin Bieber? 

“He seemed a bit lost among the crowd and was not sure where to park himself,” a source reveals, “until Rihanna beckoned him over to her section.”

The two then partied together for the rest of the night, and at one point they were even seen comparing tattoos. Uh, is that what famous people do in their spare time? They compare tattoos?

Rumors circulated back in February that RiRi and the Biebs had hooked up while Justin was dating Selena. So maybe the two are indeed heating things up these days? Or maybe Rihanna just felt sorry for Justin because he was at a nightclub all by his lonesome. Perhaps Justin just needs a few Miami friends!

Source: Daily News via Hollywood Life