Credit: @MileyCyrus Photo: Pre-MTV VMAs: Miley Cyrus's New York "Street Purchase"

They say if you're going to San Francisco you should wear some flowers in your hair.

Maybe if you're going to NYC you're supposed to wear a floral headpiece and a skimpy two-piece denim look while posing on the sidewalk like an America's Next Top Model contestant told to combine Carmen Miranda, early Madonna, and West Side Story.

Miley Cyrus genuinely posed this way and shared the results on Twitter, writing, "Love my street purchase."

Miley has become quite the fashionista, but she's not a slave to labels or trends. She's an experimenter. And maybe she really is sick of her hair if she's willing to cover it up like this.

If anyone can pull off a look — and pose — like this, it's Miley. And maybe Cher, since she can get away with anything. But what do you think?

Source: @MileyCyrus