Despite the, um, attention Miley Cyrus paid Robin Thicke at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, the 20-year-old entertainer is still engaged to Liam Hemsworth, reports Hollywood Life.

Although the couple haven’t been seen out together since that oddly awkward red carpet on August 8, Miley is reportedly preparing to get hitched to her 23-year-old boyfriend.

“Miley hasn’t talked about her wedding in ages, but she’s started getting excited about it again,” a Hollywood Life source says. “She had a bride magazine with her the last time I saw her. As far as I know, there’s no date or any plans made but it seems like things are really back on track again for her and Liam.”

Carrying around a magazine isn’t definitive proof, of course, but we like to think all is well in Miley and Liam’s snuggie wonderland. After all, Hollywood Life says that Miley’s growing her hair out just for her stud muffin.

“He thinks Miley’s beautiful no matter what and he’s not going around telling her how to wear her hair, but she has said that he likes her longer hair better,” explained the source. Sounds good to us. We’re sure Gwen Stefani would like her buns back.

If Miley does decide to keep her hair short, though, there are plenty of options for her that are wedding perfect. With just a little more length, she could tease it forward in a curl-explosion like this, which we bet would look really cute with a veil. Julianne Hough has also demonstrated a lot of short hair versatility, like this clean, straightforward updo. If all else fails, the bouffant is totally the pigtails of formal occasions; all lengths can make it happen.

Miley seems gung-ho about the wedding now, but is Liam as on board as she is? He didn't look the happiest with her on the Paranoia red carpet.

Liam has also stayed mum so far on Miley Cyrus's VMA stunt, so we have no way of knowing if he's as understanding as Robin Thicke's wife. But since he got engaged to her in the first place, we're not worrying too much about whether Miley is "wife material." That's a case-by-case thing.

However, we're not exactly seeing a lot of photos like this lately, where they're obviously all crazy on each other.

Maybe Miley's rebellious phase just peaked at the VMAs and she decided that the next step, now that everyone knows she's not Hannah Montana anymore, is to move on with her life and get hitched. Or maybe her bridesmaids will be a horde of dancing teddy bears. Who knows?

Source: Hollywood Life