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OMG it makes perfect sense.

Amanda Zuckerman is a nightmare on Big Brother 15, which kind of makes her the perfect contestant for The Bachelor.

Amanda is in a power position on the current season, and involved in a "showmance" with fellow houseguest McCrae Olson, despite — wait for it — having a boyfriend back home.

She started the season as an outspoken but funny girl, standing up to bullies in the house and hanging out with her pizza delivery boy lover. Then she got some power, got increasingly paranoid, and — wait for it — insanely jealous of any girl that even sat next to her man. (She and McCrae — aka "McCranda" — even had a fake wedding in the house.)

Credit: CBS Photo: Big Brother 15's Amanda and McCrae

Earlier this week, Amanda went on a self-described "bullying" tirade against fellow houseguest Elissa Slater, mocking her husband and plastic surgery.

So it fits perfectly that, on the August 28 live feeds, Amanda would tell her housemates that she made it to the finals to be on The Bachelor for the past season. Of course she did. It’s a mystery why they didn’t cast her. Was she actually too crazy even for ABC?

The past season was Sean Lowe’s Bachelor 17. Sean already had a major drama queen in Tierra LiCausi. Can you imagine if he had to deal with Amanda too — especially with all the awful stuff she says (see NSFW video below)? That poor born-again virgin hunk would never have survived.

In case you want to see for yourself, Big Brother airs Wednesday (aka tonight), Thursday and Sunday nights on CBS. Catch up on more drama here.

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Big Brother 15 Racism: Is Amanda the Most Offensive of All? (VIDEO)