Credit: Instagram

It’s a Nickelodeon star/Disney princess faceoff! Earlier today Ariana Grande, who starred on Nick shows including iCarly, had some not-so-nice things to say about current controversy lighting rod Miley Cyrus. Well, at least that’s what the hacker(s) behind the comments wanted us to think.

The unauthorized Facebook posts, which have since been deleted, reportedly included "btw Miley Cyrus needs to twerk her ugly ass off a cliff lol."

Even more serious was a status that seemed to be Ariana confessing a serious drug issue: "Hello everyone. I have a confession to make. I'm struggling with an addiction to coke. I plan on going to rehab, and I'll be inactive for a while. I will be canceling my future tours and shows. Goodbye for now.”

Eventually, Ariana got wind of the hack and swooped in to clear up any confusion. "Omg my Facebook was hacked lol.... And by lol I mean..... Get a life a--hole,” she tweeted earlier today. “If you were awake during any of that nonsense I apologize it wasn't me lol really sorry :) have a good night everybody.”

The hack’s timing isn’t great for Ariana, whose new album, Yours Truly, releases Tuesday, September 3 (though it was leaked online early). At least the hackers didn’t seem to mess with Ariana’s relationship status; she’s reportedly dating Nathan Sykes of The Wanted

Sources: E! News and Guyism