Lindsay Lohan is all about the clean living. Well, mostly. LiLo was spotted on a SoHo corner in New York City on Tuesday, August 27, smoking a cigarette while wearing a sheer shirt and short shorts.

The denim cut-offs, with their nearly zero-inch inseam, and her tonal, patterned white top showed off Lindsay’s toned physique. And, other than the cig hanging from her mouth, she looks super healthy.

Since leaving rehab at the end of July, after completing a 90 day stay, Lindsay seems to be on the up and up. She sat down with Oprah and admitted to dabbling with cocaine, she is rumored to be hiring a live-in sober coach, and she landed a guest starring role on Eastbound and Down. Overall, she’s basically doing better than we ever hoped she would.

Lindsay was in the middle of a down-slope, including fines for not showing up for work, accusations that she was a nightmare to work with, and tons of rumored drug use. Before her most recent stay, Linds had been to rehab six times.

In May, she sat down with Piers Morgan to talk about her habits, saying “constantly sending me to rehab is pointless,” and that they should just make her “go abroad to different countries and work with children.” While that’s an interesting solution, a judge slapped her with a 90-day stay, starting with Morningside Recovery Center in Newport Beach, moving to the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, and ending with Cliffside.

We’re loving her summer fashion and bright locks. Let’s hope that she continues to get healthier and stay clean and sober.

Source: Pacific Coast News