Credit: Fox Broadcasting Company

The witching hour is almost here for American Horror Story: Coven, which premieres October 9 on FX.

This season will take us to New Orleans to follow witches and voodoo practitioners — as played by Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and a huge cast of amazing returning and new AHS stars.

Previews are starting to come out (watch one below), and FX also released this new poster, with a snake slithering through the mouths of three women.

Credit: FX/The Hollywood Reporter Photo: American Horror Story: Coven snake poster

What do you think of the poster? It's an arresting image, but it seems to have turned off some fans (or maybe they were never really "fans"), based on the "nasty" comments under TV Guide's story.

AHS knows how to get people's attention, and that's basically the point, so even if you're grossed out, that's a win for them. The show's middle name isn't "Horror" for nothing!

Source: TV Guide


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