Ah, rumors! Who knows where they come from, but this week there are mixed reports about the relationship status of Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Back in July, Us Weekly said tough guy Jason, 45, was set to propose to his 26-year-old model/actress girlfriend, Rosie.

But according to a new story in the Daily Mail, the two are "taking a break," reportedly because of fighting, their age gap, and possibly his unwillingness to propose after three years of dating.

"There is no other person involved. They love each other very much and are not making an announcement because they’re still hoping to working things out," a source claims. "But things have not been good, there have been lots of arguments and they both need some space. They are taking some time out from each other. Bear in mind there’s an almost 20 year age gap between them – they are going to run into some issues."

However, Gossip Cop checked with a "rock-solid Statham insider" who said “it isn't true" that he and the Transformers actress have split.

On top of that, Rosie’s publicist just told the Mirror, "Rosie and Jason have not split and are not on a break. In fact, Rosie just got back from spending the weekend with Jason on the set of his new movie. They have never been happier."

So there. Is that good news or are you now disappointed that they're not back on the market?

Sources: Daily Mail, Gossip Cop, the Mirror

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