Not that we’re counting or anything, but Gossip Girl ended almost exactly 9 months ago, and we’ve been harboring a grief baby ever since. Every time we hear an “XOXO” spoken aloud, every plaid skirt and striped scarf we see, every strangely intergenerational relationship we watch blossom — they all make us yearn for the days of Gossip Girl.

And it seems we aren’t the only fans freaking out whenever we see one of our favorite characters out in the wild. Such was the case on September 9 at the Alive + Olivia show at New York Fashion Week, with onscreen mother-step-daughter duo Taylor Momsen and Kelly Rutherford reuniting for the first time in we don’t know how long.

Sometimes model Taylor was walking the lines when everyone heard a scream, and Kelly “burst through the line of photographers and onto the red carpet” to hug the once loved and loathed Little J. Although Taylor peaced out of Gossip Girl for a big chunk of the series, we still miss her innocence every time we see a heavily eyeliner rimmed shot of The Pretty Reckless’s lead singer.

So, we were just as shocked as onlookers to see that Taylor hit the fashion show without her signature raccoon eyes. But before you get attached to the pristine look of the ex-Future Queen of Constance Billard, Taylor told reporters not to get used to it. “It’s going right back on! I just changed it up for fashion week.”

Taylor and Kelly aren’t the only Gossip Girl alumni who have been hanging out in public. On August 25, Ed Westwick (Chuck) and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) were spotted shopping together at Whole Foods in West Hollywood. The once couple seemed pretty cozy.

We’re happy to see that just because our favorite TV stars left the Upper East Side, doesn’t mean their love stories ended.

Source: NY Mag / Elle