As Dexter rapidly approaches the end of its eighth and final season, there are still a lot of things up in the air. Will Dexter’s secret life be revealed to those around him (other than Deb and Hannah, of course)? If so, will he go down quietly — or in a blaze of glory? And, finally, is there anyone else in Dexter’s life who may have suspected that a serial killer lurked behind the facade of the quiet Miami Metro lab rat? Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the stars of the Showtime series on the red carpet at Paley Fest to get some answers on that last lingering question.

Geoff Pierson, who plays Deputy Chief Tom Matthews, kept his cards close to his chest when we asked whether his character suspected Dexter was more than he seems. “Well I think that’s the big question mark. That’s what I think a lot of people wondered about, just how much did Matthews knew since he knew him since he was a child and his dad was my partner. I’m still waiting to see whether that comes out or not. I don’t know.”

However, Geoff did acknowledge that Matthew may have been looking out for his old friend’s son when La Guerta came to him with her suspicions before her untimely end last season. “I can’t really say, but it would seem from Season 7 like, if I did know, I was still trying to protect him,” Geoff said, hedging with lots of ifs. “I’m not saying it’s that way, but it would seem that way.”

While Geoff is shy about revealing just how much Matthews knew or didn’t, Aimee Garcia, who plays Jamie, was pretty straight-forward with us. So did Dexter’s nanny suspect anything about Dexter’s nocturnal habits? “No, god, not at all. She sees him like everyone saw him in the pilot. She has love goggles for him — he’s the best boss ever.”

It sounds like she doesn’t find out before the finale, either, unless Aimee’s intentionally leading us astray. “I think that even if someone told her that was the case she may have a Keyser Soze moment like, ‘oh that’s why he doesn’t come home until five in the morning!’”

Reporting by Lindsay Jordahl

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