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The Kill Room is closing on September 22. After eight incredible seasons, Dexter is ending its run, and the world’s most lovable serial killer will be off our television screens, presumably for good.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but there are still two action-packed episodes to look forward to, in which Dexter may finally meet his maker. While the cast and creative team remain tight-lipped about the details of his fate, a few revealed their reactions to reading the series finale script for the first time.

Desmond Harrington, who plays the questionably-motivated Quinn could sum it up in one word: wow. “Just wow — just wow, this is sad,” he revealed to Wetpaint Entertainment at the PaleyFest farewell toDexter on September 12. “Because it’s a show that lends itself to what happens in the finale, it’s been like, ‘What’s going to happen, what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen?!’ So now, it’s like, ‘Oh, this is what happens!’”

C.S. Lee, aka Dexter’s lab cohort Vince Masuka, agreed, summing it up with the same word. He was surprised by the ending, though, almost conflicted about it. “I was like, if that’s the ending they are going to go with, OK,” he said, but he was ultimately “surprisingly satisfied.”

While they were understandably vague about what actually happens, both dished about the mood on set during the final days of filming. There was “laughter, and definitely there were some tears,” Desmond said, calling it “bittersweet.” C.S. agreed about the mixed emotions, saying, “The mood was a little bit sad, a little bit anxious, and a little bit happy at the same time.” However, he’s also a “little excited to be free and to try something else.”

Meanwhile, Geoff Piersons, who plays Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews, said that he had to hold back a bit during the final days filming, explaining that “it was kind of restrained emotion.” He also took it a step further and revealed what he thought of the finished series finale — or at least what he’s seen so far. “The part I saw of it was excellent, but I didn’t see all of it,” he admitted. “Although I’m told it ends fantastically.”

Aimee Garcia, aka Dexter’s longtime babysitter Jamie, was more in the dark. “I wasn’t in the [finale] script. I have no idea how it ends, I’m not even kidding!” she told us. She also revealed that her last scene was sad — “My last scene, whether I’m alive or dead I cannot confirm or deny, was very sad.” — which could hint that she dies before or during the finale.

Last, but certainly not least, the titular character’s portrayer, Michael C. Hall, had kind words to say about the wrap-up. “I’m very gratified … proud that we’ve managed to keep people leaning forward and paying attention to the story we are telling and that we’ve worked so well together,” he said. “It’s a true family this cast and crew and writers and beyond. It’s a special time and I think that we will only grow in all of our esteem as we move on.”

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Reporting by Lindsey Jordahl.

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