Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Photo: Celebrity Extremes of the Week: Beyonce Spent How Much on Chicken?!

Things went from “Bow Down” to “fall down” in mere seconds on Sunday when an overzealous Beyonce fan tried to get a little too close to Mrs. Carter and ended up finding out just how good her security team is instead.

Us Weekly reports that Beyonce was performing at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil when she bent down to show off her quad strength and give some love to a few guests in the front row.

While Bey was squatting, a scary, shirtless superfan seized the opportunity and leapt on stage, capturing the singer in his arms and trying to pull her back into the crowd with him, head-first.

Luckily, Beyonce’s security staffers, despite their impressive size, proved themselves to be as nimble as marathon sprinters, rushing quickly to Queen Bey’s aid and retrieving her from the man’s grip.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Beyonce Attacked by a Fan in Brazil

Beyonce, like the flawless pro that she is, continued like nothing had happened, only pausing her set to reassure visible shaken fans, “Hey, it’s alright. Calm, calm.”

Bey then finished her rendition of “Irreplaceable,” to a thunderous chant of “Beyonce! Beyonce!” from the audience, to which she graciously replied, “I love y’all.”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why she’s the Queen.

Source: Us Weekly