Well that’s gratitude for ya, huh? Simon Cowell, who is 54 years young as of October 7, is likely out celebrating his birthday (perhaps with baby mama Lauren Silverman?). However, when he comes home, he has quite the birthday “greeting” awaiting him — a bunch of toilet paper strewn about his security gate and a banner wishing him a “Happy 87th birthday.” And just who is the culprit behind this vicious attack? None other than his X Factor Season 2 mentees, Fifth Harmony.

We kid, of course — this little prank is most likely all in the name of good fun. Fifth Harmony was a girl group formed during X Factor’s sophomore season, and under Simon’s tutelage they finished third in the competition behind Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar.

While Fifth Harmony may not have won the big record deal, the girls seem to be enjoying the most success post X Factor of any of their competitors. In fact, if these girls play their cards right, they could one day be just as successful as another Simon-manufactured group: One Direction. (ever heard of ‘em?)

Credit: Splash News

Given all the good things ahead for these girls — many of which they owe to Simon — we’re fairly certain this little punking was purely a gesture of love. That said, we hope they left some flowers and a nice card for their mentor along with all that TP... just to make sure the message is clear!

Source: TMZ

Credit: Britain's Got Talent on YouTube Photo: Simon Cowell Egged at Britain's Got Talent Finale
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