Credit: PictureLux/Splash News Photo: Katharine McPhee at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on September 15, 2013

Earlier this week, Katharine McPhee was spotted kissing Smash director Michael Morris — which wouldn’t be a problem, if both of them were married.

But according to Us Weekly, several sources close to the actress confirm that Katharine’s been separated from her husband of five years, producer Nick Cokas, for at least six months.

And according to one of the sources, the reportedly single Katharine’s not taking her indiscretion with Michael well at all.

She is SO embarrassed she was caught," the source said. "She should have known better!"

And while Katharine may not be married anymore, her kissing partner Michael still is, and according to another report, his wife, actress Mary McCormack, has already sent him packing after throwing him out of their LA home.

And the source close to Katharine reassured Us Weekly that this is totally uncharacteristic behavior of her, calling her “so cool and the nicest person.”

“It’s so sad that this happened to her,” the source said. “She’s truly great.

We’re willing to bet that Michael’s wife, Mary, disagrees.

Source: US Weekly