After weeks of speculation about their status as a band, the Jonas Brothers are confirming the rumors: they’re calling it quits.

The trio, who deleted their Twitter account and canceled their tour just a few weeks ago, citing a “deep rift” in the band, now tell People that they’re preparing to go their separate ways.

“It's over for now,” says Kevin, the eldest Jonas.

"It's really hard to say 'forever,'" adds youngest band member, Nick. "We're closing a chapter, for sure."

While there have been multiple reports about the reasons behind the split, including rumors that middle brother Joe has been battling a drug addiction, the band claims that the decision to split was achieved in a civil manner.

"It was a unanimous decision," Joe tells the magazine.

In fact, the choice to break up the band was inspired, in part, by a confession made by Nick during an October 3 meeting, he reveals.

The former Disney star-turned-Broadway actor says, “I was feeling kind of trapped. I needed to share my heart with my brothers.”

Although the brothers maintain that there are no hard feelings behind their decision to break up, a source for the magazine claims otherwise.

They are not getting along at all,” the insider says. “It’s uglier than you think.”

Source: People