Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Did Lana Del Rey turn down an offer to perform at Kanye West's marriage proposal to Kim Kardashian? It sure sounds that way.

Reports have been circulating that the singer was asked by Kanye to sing at the AT&T Park during his uber-romantic October 21 proposal to Kim. As you know, Kanye ended up hiring an orchestra to perform Lana's tune, "Young and Beautiful."

Now, Lana is weighing in on the controversy, although she's not doing a great job of squashing the rumors.

When asked if she rejected Kanye's offer, Lana simply tells TMZ, "I would never deny HIS request." And that's pretty much all she would say.

Hmmm. So what is she trying to tell us here? Frankly, it sounds like she was definitely asked by someone to perform at the proposal.

But is she implying that she was offended that Kanye himself didn't personally contact her? Or maybe Kris Jenner or someone involved with the reality show wanted to film the performance, and Lana wasn't feeling that? It's hard to say.

At any rate, Kanye and Kim still managed to have an amazing moment, and that's really all that matters.

So do you think Lana was asked to play the proposal? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TMZ