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Did you watch any of the Miss Universe pageant last night? Maria Gabriela Isler of Venezuela won over Patricia Rodrigues of Spain.

When last year's Miss Universe, USA's Olivia Culpo, tried to put the tiara on Gabriela's head, it slipped and almost fell off, but they just laughed through it.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Miss Universe 2013 Maria Gabriela Isler from Venezuela

Venezuela has won three of the last six Miss Universe pageants.

According to People, "Venezuela has won more major international beauty competitions than any other nation, and beauty pageants rank alongside baseball as the country's most-followed diversion [...] A whole industry of grooming schools, plastic surgeons and beauty salons has emerged to prepare young women for the thousands of pageants that take place each year around the country in schools, army barracks and even prisons."

Miss Prison 2013!

Miss USA made the top 10 this year, but not the top five. Here's the top 10: Spain, Philippines, Great Britain, India, Brazil, USA, Ukraine, Ecuador, Venezuela and Dominican Republic. The top 16 included Costa Rica, China, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Switzerland.

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