Does Rihanna want Drake to stand under her umbrella, ella, ella?

Rumors have persisted for years of a romance between Rihanna and Drake, and now those rumors are revving up again, as the two reportedly hooked up in Dallas this week, according to Hollywood Life.

Sources say that Drake played a show in Dallas over the weekend, and while the rest of his team moved on to San Antonio, Drake stuck around in order to connect with Rihanna, who was also in town over the weekend for her own show. Quite the coincidence. 

Apparently, Drake attended RiRi's show on November 9, and then the two enjoyed a late-night dinner. But sources say the night didn't end there, as the two reportedly headed back to Rihanna's hotel, where Drake is said to have spent the night. Yowza.

So do we believe this report? We're not so sure, but this certainly isn't the first time we've heard rumors that the two are hooking up. The two were supposedly spotted eating together and even kissing in NYC in August 2013.

As you may recall, Drake and Chris Brown reportedly got into a bottle-throwing bar fight in the summer of 2012 over rumors that Drake and Rihanna had gotten together.

So are you hoping Drake and RiRi end up together? Or are they better off with other people?

Source: Hollywood Life