Credit: Nino Munoz/NBC Photo: Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music Live

The real star of last night’s The Sound of Music Live!, surprisingly enough, wasn’t Carrie Underwood.

Yeah, okay, she was there. We get that. But no one provided us more entertainment than the DiGiorno Pizza Twitter account during the special.

The fact that they managed to turn every major plot point of the musical classic into something involving pizza is incredibly impressive on its own, but fact that every single tweet was hilarious? Just the icing on the cake. Or the cheese on the pizza. However you want to look at it.

Their tweets garnered hundreds of retweets and favorites each, and for good reason. Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favorites:

“Can’t believe pizza isn’t one of her favorite things. #smh.” It's okay, DiGiorno. Pizza is definitely one of our favorite things. 

“Dough, Ray, me = Pizza party with me and a guy named Ray.” 

“THE KITCHEN IS ALIVE, WITH THE SMELL OF FRESH BAKED PIZZA!” Get it? The kitchen’s alive, much like the hills? Okay, we’ll stop.

Liesel is a pretty name for a girl. Pizzal is a prettier name for a girl.”

DiGiorno, can you please live tweet everything that’s on TV from now on? Thanks.

Source: Twitter