Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels may have a physique that puts both models and professional athletes to shame, but the fitness fanatic revealed that she’s still not completely satisfied with what she sees in the mirror.

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday, Jillian admitted to Wendy that her derriere leaves something to be desired.

"I've never fully loved my booty," Jillian confessed. "It fits in the clothes nicely. In clothes, I can stuff that sucker into a pair of jeans and you would never know. But out of the jeans it just kinda falls. And the texture makes me unhappy."

While her posterior — which Jillian admitted is “dimply” — may be less-than-perfect in her eyes, she plans to work out her issues in the gym, not the surgeon’s office.

“I've never seen a bought booty that I find that impressive," said the star.

While her booty may be giving her trouble, what’s weighing heavier on the mother of two is her upcoming birthday, when she’ll turn the big 4-0.

“It's such a powerful number. ‘Cause I'm going, 'I'm middle aged,' 'I'm middle aged!' I'm really trying to, like, breathe and embrace it. But it is kind of shocking, 'cause I don't think of myself as middle aged."

Source: The Wendy Williams Show