Credit: ABC

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: It's Eric Stonestreet From Modern Family

One Modern Family actor's TV career hasn't always been a laughing matter! This funnyman has had bloody roles in two shows spearheaded by Ryan Murphy: Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story. But which dude are we talkin' 'bout here?

That's the quiz we gave Viggle LIVE! users — and 49 percent of you got the answer right! It's Eric Stonestreet — aka Modern Family's Cam.

For the record, 33 percent thought it was Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) and 18 thought it was Ed O'Neill (Jay).

In the Nip/Tuck Season 6 finale, "Wesley Clovis," Eric played a murderer-rapist too obese to execute by lethal injection (which is where the plastic surgeon protagonists come in).  

In the American Horror Story Season 1 episode "Piggy Piggy," he played a psychiatric patient terrified of the urban legend of the murderer in the mirror — who, through an ironic twist of fate, was shot dead by a home invader in his bathroom just as he was confronting his fear.

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