There's a new Bonus Jonas in town, and we now have a photo of her snuggling with her famous pop. In the new pic, Kevin Jonas looks peaceful as he watches Alena Rose sleep, holding the newborn baby close to his hoodie-clad chest.

Kevin and wife Danielle welcomed the li’l cherub into the world on February 2.

This latest snapshot comes via the Instagram account of Dreft, a laundry detergent brand formulated for baby fabrics. (Dreft also shared a pic of Danielle and Alena three days ago.)

Kevin may want to take these golden opportunities to grab some shut-eye himself — we have a feeling Alena won't exactly respect her parents' sleep schedule from here on.

And we're also wondering if Kevin and Danielle have a clean, tidy house to come home to — they appeared to put their Denville, New Jersey, mansion up for rent on Airbnb for the Super Bowl weekend, asking for a slight $20,000.

In any case, whether Kevin needs extra time to sleep or tidy up, his schedule is probably a lot clearer these days. He and his brothers announced in October that they were splitting up as a band, putting an end to the Jonas Brothers.

We're sure Kevin doesn't mind, though — he's got the most important job his life now that he's a father.

Fans of the growing family can visit laundry detergent Dreft's social media outlets at @Dreft on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see exclusive content in the coming months. 

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