“You want to be on top?” It’s a question that Tyra Banks asks every cycle to contestants on her long-running reality hit, America’s Next Top Model. And Tyra knows a thing or two about being on top. She was the first African-American model to land the cover of GQ magazine!

In addition to that landmark GQ cover, Tyra was also one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels, and she scored multiple covers of the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That’s pretty impressive... but is it a well-known fact?

We asked fans on Viggle LIVE! to if they could correctly guess which fashion magazine Tyra was the first African-American model to cover. And unfortunately, you all need to spend some time boning up on your Tyra trivia! Over 86 percent incorrectly thought that Tyra was the first African-American model to cover Vogue magazine.

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Only six percent of Viggle users correctly answered GQ. A similar amount, eight percent, incorrectly guessed that Tyra had been the first African-American model to cover Elle magazine. In reality, supermodel Beverly Johnson was actually the first African-American on the cover of both Vogue and Elle.

So yes, you were wrong. As penance, we’re going to need you to practice “smizing” in the mirror for 30 minutes, then head over to the chalkboard and write “Pot Ledom” 100 times. Because “Pot Ledom” is “Top Model” spelled backwards. We’re sure you knew that, though. Tyra would be very proud.

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