We were shocked during last week’s Reign when a heartbroken Francis — fueled by the realization that his beloved Mary was going to wed his brother, Bash — took comfort in the arms of Mary’s best friend, Lola. (And when we say “took comfort,” what we mean is that they made out a lot. And then hooked up.)

So is this the start of a new Reign romance? Or were Francis and Lola destined to be a one-time thing? The answer is not as simple as it may seem.

"Lola gets involved with Francis, but she will also move on to others," showrunner Laurie McCarthy tells E! Online. "She's the first of our girls to be really driven to find a husband."

Here’s the thing: This week’s Reign, Season 1, Episode 13: “The Consummation,” is Mary’s wedding. So far, it’s still unclear if the groom will be Bash or Francis. But given Laurie’s tease, we’re starting to think that Bash really might be the next King of France, after all!

Then again, even if Francis and Mary did legally wed, that doesn’t mean he and Lola wouldn’t still be “involved” in one form or another. Perhaps Francis is the groom. After all, that scenario helps make sense why Lola would be so keen to “move on to others.”

Do you think Francis and Lola will continue their romance? Or are you hoping he and Mary might still end up together? Head below to the comments and share your thoughts.

Source: E! Online