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"Let's Get Loud" for Jennifer Lopez

The New York Post is reporting that the singer-turned-media mogul has officially beaten out her former sweetheart to purchase the cable TV network Fuse after a fierce bidding war.

We learned from BET back in March that Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Records had joined the bidding war in an effort to expand his media empire, but it appears J.Lo was the one who walked away with the prize. Jennifer's network, NuvoTV, won the bid after the couple reportedly feuded over the network – Diddy was even offering around offered $200 million to acquire it! Fuse has not been very successful finding an audience, but we bet with that big of a price tag, Jennifer must have some great ideas up her sequined sleeve.

J.Lo and Diddy dated back in 1999 and drew major media scrutiny after their alleged involvement in an incident at a Manhattan nightclub. The couple later split in 2001. The two haven't exactly been on good terms since – Jennifer wouldn't save Diddy even if he were drowning in the ocean – and we bet a battle this big was sure to reopen more wounds.

What do you think? Does J.Lo has something epic in store for her new music network? Or was this bidding war more of a power play between old exes?

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Credit: NDN Photo: Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy Bid for Same TV Station (VIDEO)