Credit: Rihanna on Instagram Photo: Rihanna's "Ghetto Goth" Instagram

Rihanna has never been one to play modest, but her latest display of skin may be her most shocking yet!

"What now," you may ask?

The Unapologetic singer writhed on a Hollywood Hills balcony yesterday, April 8, as she posed for a French magazine photoshoot — wearing a skimpy top and only a skimpy top.

That's right, she was naked from the chest down. Forget Rated R — this bottomless business verges on X-rated!

The paparazzi pics are too racy to publish here, but you can check out 70 NSFW photos of the steamy sesh at TMZ.

In the photos, Rihanna lies on her stomach on the balcony, arching her back to pop her butt in the air. And she stays in that position for what looks like ages as her shirtless photographer snaps shot after shot. (We feel like we need a Tylenol just looking at the pics!)

The 26-year-old Barbadian even seems to spot the paparazzi at one point but continues on with the shoot, clearly unfazed.

Here's our question: From the side, you can't see too much, but since the balcony is clearly surrounded by glass, isn't she worried about someone getting a rear view?

Source: TMZ

Credit: NDN Photo: Rihanna Goes Bottomless For French Magazine (VIDEO)
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